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Over the past four years Trendlines has surveyed over 50,000 Americans and sent you stories about everything from their favorite donut to which streaming service they prefer—stories served with a side of sassy jokes (not all of which landed, Uncle Jerry reminds us). The goal of Trendlines is to demonstrate how Gradient helps our clients by transforming custom survey data into actionable insights using statistical methodologies, like MaxDiff experiments and conjoint analyses. 

But sometimes our goal gets lost in our enthusiasm for entertaining insights and an obscure-but-well-placed-prestige-TV reference. To establish a more cohesive narrative between our custom market research services and our communications, we’re rebranding: Trendlines will become, simply, Gradient’s newsletter, where we’ll continue to prove that intuition alone is never enough, especially in today’s world. 

We’ll keep showcasing proprietary data and how our insights help real organizations make better decisions. Going forward the Gradient newsletter will:

  • Feature in-depth, large-scale market research studies always derived from a representative survey of Americans.

  • Showcase business-use applications of our market research from our cool-AF clients.

  • Share Gradient’s perspective on research best practices and methodologies.

Gradient’s newsletter remains free, but with a reduced cadence that will allow us to dive deeper into the content. Going forward you’ll receive Gradient’s newsletter from, you guessed it, [email protected]. Please add that address to your safe senders list. You can always reach out with questions or concerns. 

TL;DR: It’s us, not you! If you aren’t in the mood to receive Gradient’s rebranded newsletter, we invite you to unsubscribe now, no hard feelings (except for Uncle Jerry, whose feelings never mattered anyway). 

Regardless, thanks for coming along for the ride. Gradient’s newsletter will see you soon.

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Kyle Block and the Gradient Team

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